VP of Retail



San Clemente, CA, USA
Posted on Thursday, September 7, 2023

About the Company

At Stance, we believe everything starts and ends with our people. Self-reliant in our attitude, and entrepreneurial in our ethos, we have grit, guts and gratitude. Stance is a culture that cannot be duplicated - where smart, ambitious, and positive people thrive.

In 2009, we took what was once a stagnant staple and transformed socks into one of the market's most exciting accessories. By unlocking the potential of a canvas too often overlooked, Stance ignited a cultural movement around the world that has attracted visionary artists, athletes and icons to embrace our positive message of individuality and creativity. In the years since, our canvas for self-expression has expanded from toe to head by way of underwear, apparel and headwear. Through innovative materials, superior comfort and artistic design that is the bedrock ethos of our brand, Stance can now be found in over 40 countries for anyone looking to defy convention. We are Stitched Different®.

About the Role

The Vice President of Retail is responsible for translating the brand's vision and values into tangible, successful retail experiences for the consumers and employees we serve. The role of a Vice President of Retail encompasses strategic planning, operational execution, and growth initiatives within Stance retail operations. This leader is responsible for the channel P&L, developing and retaining a best in class retail team, and providing amazing customer experiences through superior service.

About the Reporting Structure

This position reports to the President.

About Primary Responsibilities

Strategic Direction: Shape the overall retail strategy of the brand by collaborating with the executive team to define the brand's retail goals, target markets, expansion plans, and fleet optimization.

Revenue Generation: Develop strategies to maximize sales, drive foot traffic and conversion to boost revenue across Stance’s physical stores by optimizing product assortment, pricing strategies, promotional activities, and aligning online and offline strategies to deliver a complete consumer experience.

Customer Experience: Enhance the customer journey, from store layout, lease line and design to personalized interactions and exceptional service to create a memorable brand experience.

Brand Representation: Ensure the brand's identity, messaging, and values are effectively communicated through the physical and visual elements of the retail spaces including our store teams.

Operational Efficiency: Lead the operational aspects to ensure efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and seamless day-to-day functioning of the retail fleet inclusive of inventory management, supply chain coordination, and staffing.

Market Expansion: Lead store expansion by identifying suitable locations, negotiating leases, and managing the opening of new stores while also working towards format evolutions to ensure the fleet evolves with our consumers and stays connected to local communities.

Data-Driven Insights: Leverage data analytics and insights to understand customer preferences, buying patterns, and market trends and communicate key insights back to cross functional partners to drive action in areas of inventory management, pricing, and marketing strategies.

Team Leadership: Lead, influence, and motivate a team of regional leaders, store managers and associates, and visual merchandising through Stances’s values and a servant leadership mindset, while delivering outstanding customer experiences.

Innovation: Introduce innovative concepts and technologies that will enhance the retail experience, such as implementing digital touchpoints, interactive displays, and omnichannel strategies.
Crisis Management: Devise contingency plans, ensuring employee and customer safety, and adapting the brand's retail strategy to changing circumstances.


  • Recognizes that Stance is a team sport.
  • Constantly seeks to align themselves to the strategic, financial and cultural plans of the company.
  • Drive performance that delivers excellence in a way that preserves and enhances our ability to get results in the future.
  • Foster an entrepreneurial atmosphere that supports continuous improvement, creativity, resourcefulness and a get it done mentality.
  • Focus on creativity that enables imagination used to plan our future, solve problems and excite our consumers.
  • Consistently express gratitude to acknowledge the help and contributions of others.
  • Demonstrate personal responsibility in order to shepherd and safeguard our values and commitments.

      Experience Needed

      • 15+ years of retail and operational experience, specifically in multi unit retail field operations, workforce management and communications.
      • A proven ability to define and inspire others to achieve Stance’s objectives and strategies.
      • Track record of establishing & fostering positive & productive work relationships. Ability & willingness to give & receive honest, balanced feedback. Demonstrates competence & character that generates & inspires trust.
      • Travel to store locations nationwide for openings, special events, store visits, training, new location scouting and whenever necessary to achieve goals. Approximately 50% of the time
      • A dynamic team leader and inspiring communicator.
      • Proven track record of attracting, developing, and retaining high caliber talent.
      • Experience in apparel and leading a minimum of 50 stores.


      San Clemente, CA