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Posted on Thursday, June 8, 2023

Compensation Philosophy


Our compensation philosophy is intended to enable Trinsic to hire the right people at the right time to ensure we achieve our vision: to make the world more accessible to people everywhere. Nothing is more important to us than hiring the right team and creating an environment they can do the work of their lives.
Our approach to compensation may be a bit different than what you're used to. We set salaries according to a pre-determined formula and don’t negotiate offers. Equity is an important part of each Trinsineer’s compensation. Let us know if you have any questions.



Transparency is one of our core values. Most companies:
Give lowball initial offers
Negotiate salaries on a case-by-case basis behind closed doors, favoring strong orators above technical ability
Offer details are revealed only after a candidate has sunk hours into a hiring process.
This is a bad process, especially for the candidate. We do things differently.
When we find someone we want to work with, we give them our best offer right up front. Offer details are set based on a consistent, pre-determined formula to ensure fairness across the board. We give our best offer up front, and therefore don't negotiate the offers we give (by definition, that would not be transparent).
Some companies take this to an extreme by publishing everyone’s salaries publicly. We don’t do this; your compensation is your data, and you should be in control of how it’s shared.


An individual's race, color, religion, sex, gender, orientation, identity, age, or disability should not affect their compensation. By explicitly sharing our philosophy publicly and grounding it in objective principles, we intend on paying people equally for equal work. In addition to publishing this publicly, we:
Use 3 different compensation databases, and internally document our process for arriving at offers.
We do not negotiate offers. We also proactively give raises and promotions when people are ready instead of waiting until asked.
We do not use tactics like exploding offers to pressure candidates. We want you to have the time you need to make the best decision for you.


We design compensation packages with meaningful equity components. If we're successful, stock options will be much more valuable than any cash salary that could be given. This aligns the whole team around the motivation to make the company successful instead of optimizing for one's own short-term career advancement.


We compensate our team very well. That said, our compensation packages are necessarily tailored to the stage of the company at the time of the offer. Being good stewards of our cash and vigilant about our runway makes Trinsic more likely to succeed and therefore increases the value of our equity. We have one shot to build a great company, and our cash is like fuel—we need to achieve our milestones before the tank runs dry.

How we get to compensation numbers


Our goal with cash compensation at our stage is to ensure that our team can live comfortably wherever they're based.
We use market data of companies in our peer group (e.g. companies who’ve raised a seed round at $25m-$50m valuation, not Google and Apple) to set salaries. We use the following inputs to arrive at a salary band:
The role benchmark.
The level (expected impact).
The geography.
We target the 60th percentile for the cash component of our team’s compensation packages.
That means Trinsic pays salaries that are above average, but not at the very top of the market. For the stellar people we’re targeting, that may mean taking a modest cash pay cut relative to their earning potential. (Remember total compensation includes equity, so the total compensation may be closer to the top of the market.)
In addition to these factors, salaries are adjusted for inflation each year (we’ll never adjust salaries down for inflation).


All full-time Trinsineers are granted equity options when they join the team. Options are intended to align the team around the success of the company and reward the team for the risk associated with joining a startup. The number of equity options issued is based on:
Timing (risk level)
Ensuring total compensation (cash + equity + benefits) is competitive
The potential strategic impact of someone
We are as generous as we can be with equity without too hastily depleting the option pool.


We are pleased to provide the following benefits in addition to salary and equity.

Think week






Child leave

Emergency Leave




Career development


Intrinsic Rewards

How you spend your precious time on planet Earth is a lot more important than any compensation you could get in exchange for it. You’ll spend a lot of time working—and at Trinsic, we work to make sure your time is well-spent.
Impact: Our vision is to make the world more accessible to people everywhere. Every human on the planet has an identity, but almost nobody can represent it digitally. In fact, over 1 billion people can’t even represent themselves with paper and therefore don't have access to basic financial, social, health, or government services. You'll never work professionally on something more consequential than this.
Team: We're building a world-class, diverse, passionate team because it's the only way we can accomplish our ambitious vision. At Trinsic, you'll be surrounded by brilliant, kinda nerdy, thoughtful people who want to make the world a better place.
Growth: To accomplish our goals we need to scale and solve challenging problems. As we scale, you’ll be asked to step up and scale with us. You’ll also be asked to solve challenging problems you’ve possibly never faced before, and you’ll be given ownership and autonomy to find and implement solutions.
Support: We believe what’s good for you is generally also good for Trinsic. You'll do your best work when you're at your best. Likewise, if you’re hurting, frustrated, or unhappy, our team's productivity will suffer. So we have your back. Whether it's professional or personal, we're building a culture that will support you to be your best self at Trinsic.