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Posted on Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Growth Marketing

We’re expanding our tight-knit GTM (go-to-market) team with a tactical, demand-focused marketer. This is a unique opportunity to join us at a pivotal point in our journey and be part of our founding GTM team. You’ll be accountable for getting our message in front of target buyers. You’ll be a success if our sales team’s calendars are filled with demos every week.
Job descriptions usually aren’t very helpful. Here are the things you probably care about:
We’ve developed an industry-leading product our existing customers (dozens) love & depend on. We’re hiring you because we need help expanding the markets we serve. So we have existing customers & case studies, but also have lots of greenfield opportunity for creativity.
We’re at the cusp of a seismic shift in a $200B industry. You’ll be instrumental in defining an important category that will impact the lives of billions of people.
The current GTM team consists of 2 experienced sellers, a partnerships person, and me (the CEO). Your potential for impact is enormous given our early stage. To reflect this, you’ll have a meaningful equity component of your compensation. You’ll be recognized and rewarded for your part in making Trinsic a success.
You won’t be micromanaged. Instead you’ll be trusted as an “owner” (one of our cultural pillars). You’ll be a valued voice on our team, and be given objectives, budget, context, and a supportive team, and expected to take ownership & be accountable for results.
Everybody on the team is smart and down-to-earth. We won’t hire anyone with a history of being a jerk (we check references).
Things are broken, fires are burning, data is missing, etc. (we don’t expect you to be perfect either). Your “let’s figure this out” mentality to solving problems will be an important part of our mutual success.
We try to only hire people who will do the work of their lives at Trinsic. Here are the things we care about:
5+ years experience at an excellent company required. Digital marketing experience, particularly demand generation focused marketing, in a relevant field is highly valued/preferred.
“5+ years” is illustrative. If you’re someone with 3 years experience who consistently outperforms your peers with more experience, for example, I want to talk to you.
Has a highly entrepreneurial disposition: experimentation & iteration, drive & self-motivation, and comfort taking action in ambiguity. We need someone who impatiently walks with a sense of urgency in their step towards Trinsic's next milestones.
We want someone with a high quality bar and good aesthetic sensibilities. But you definitely don’t need to be a perfectionist or a designer.
Experience at high-growth, venture-backed startups preferred, especially in security, identity, infrastructure, or dev tools.
You must be willing to collaborate & communicate internally, and as a remote company, one of the major ways we do this is through clear writing.
You’ll work closely with the product team. Being a product-minded team-player is essential.
Be willing to wear blue Vans when you attend conferences representing Trinsic. ​
Here are the specific things you’ll be responsible for at Trinsic:
Work side by side with me (Trinsic’s CEO) on our GTM, specifically the lead generation, capture, scoring, etc elements of our GTM. You’ll work with other experienced GTM people on the team too.
Mainly this will be done by rapidly formulating hypotheses and executing experiments across a wide range of channels and strategies to generate leads, in pursuit of developing a repeatable GTM strategy.
You’ll ultimately be accountable for the achievement of monthly, quarterly and annual MQL/pipeline/demo call goals.
Over time you’ll own the end-to-end marketing stack. You’ll have the freedom to grow in a lot of different potential directions (build a team, specialize, etc) as Trinsic wins.
Build relationships with prospects and customers (including traveling up to ~20% of your time to industry events/meetups)
Compensation for this role varies based on level of experience and location, but ranges from $100k-$160k base salary, plus generous equity. We offer your choice in health plan, full vision, dental, disability, and mental healthcare. For full details, read our full Compensation Philosophy.

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